Our Goal

Our goal at Trilogy, is to partner with our physicians, to grow and expand their practice, lead change innovation for their staff, patients and colleagues, while creating a sustainable medical practice. 

Trilogy Healthcare is the leader in the medical ancillary sector, with over 30 solutions, applying vast Ancillary Provider Network resources, knowledge, and expertise to help physicians meet the growing challenges of a dynamic healthcare market. Our Solutions + Your Practice = One Successful Partnership.

What differentiates our model is the national In Network solutions, allowing our physicians and practices to ensure billings are In-Network and that your patients remain satisfied and loyal to your practice, while being supported by a network of Certified Ancillary Consultants (CACs) and trained Product Specialists to assure your team training and success.

FREE Clinical Practice Analysis

We look forward to connecting with you, and learning about your medical practice. Please take our FREE Clinical Practice Analysis –“The Ancillary Checkup”– which matches physicians with ancillary programs for their specialized medical practice- In Less than 3 Minutes!


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